Thursday, April 26, 2007

Meet Noah, Our Cat (pictured below)

We have two very sweet kitties, Noah and Abby. We adopted them from a local pet shop when they were just a couple weeks old, and now they are our big cats that sometimes do very annoying things. But we adore them to pieces!

Our boy cat, Noah, loves attention and people contact. He has quite the personality too. When company come over and they make themselves comfortable on our couch, Noah does the same, only around their neck. He has a hair fetish too and while draping himself across our guest's shoulders he also tends to lick their hair. It's pretty embarrassing at times (depending on the guest... surprisingly, some people love his lovies!)

A couple nights ago, as we were doing Jude's bedtime routine, Noah appeared and put himself right at the center of whatever we were doing. Taking a bath? Well, I'll lay right where I know you usually dry off the kid. Giving him a bottle? I'll snuggle up where I know you usually rock and sing to him while giving him a bottle. Every time we turned around, there was Noah ready to be doted on.

Our poor, starved-for-attention Kittie got lots of our affections while hanging out on the couch with us after Jude went to bed. The End.


RLT said...

We like Noah. And Jude too. And his parents. The End.

Kent said...

Josh looks so tired for one so young. I had forgotten how it is with babies.

I love to look at your photos. Thank you.

laura said...

Ohhh! Owen has these same jammies, and they are so soft and cuddly! Jude is so adorable! Your senior pics are PERFECT!