Thursday, April 19, 2007

Evening walks...

I've had a great time working on photos tonight!
I tried some new things layering text on top of "background-type-photos" or rather "stock photos" that I took while on a walk this evening with Josh and Jude. We went down the street to look at some new homes being built and along the way I took photos of all the beautiful flowers in people's side yards. Here are a few to share. Oh, and one of us on our walk... :)

(Click on photos to see enlarged version)

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Kent said...


A while back you put a comment on my blog that included this quote: "The content of your blogs are much, much deeper than mine. :) "

I have to disagree about the "deeper" statement. Depth comes in lots of flavors. Expression comes through many mediums. I love what you do with a cameral and editing software! This is one of the really fun things about the WWW, we get to share our creations and stay in touch at the same time. God has given you a gift. It is great to watch you use it.