Sunday, January 10, 2010

Engagement Season, Albums & Some Fun!

I love engagement season. It's coffee shop appointments and getting to know super happy, cute couples! I love hearing their stories; how they met, fell in love, and got engaged. I always leave those meetings energized and excited for summer. So congratulations to all of you newly engaged couples!

I'm also loving these new albums I'm offering. They're clean, beautifully hand made, and have so many different album cover choices.

So, just like clock work I feel like I'm coming out of my holiday hibernation energized and dying to shoot some pictures! My next blog post will include something I've never done before and I'm really excited for it. So be sure to check back... you may see YOURSELF! :)


evangelineoriakhi said...

you don't know me but I just love your blog! the Lord has really given you a gift for capturing the beauty in His creation and in people. Did you use to live in Corvallis? Because I saw that you knew the Callis'/took Brooke's senior pictures. They are basically my second family so it was cool to see that you knew them!

Leticia said...

Is that Duane and Mary's album I see!? Yeah, I am so excited to see your great pictures from their wedding in their album! Happy New Year, Bethany!

Katie said...

It looks Fantastic! I can't wait to get more sample albums done!

Jessica Jordan said...