Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh summer, how I miss thee...

Ok, yes, it's only January and I'm thinking of summer. :) It's been so great getting a few days in a row of sunshine and no rain here that I can't help but think of summer! The kids and I have been to the park and the zoo this week and I'm just so thankful for those moments of sunshine! Today I even saw some little pink flowers blooming and I got so excited!

I love all the seasons here in Oregon, but I seem to always get a bit stir crazy end of January, when the winter blues try to sneak up on me. Yesterday Josh noticed that it was a bit lighter outside when he got home from work! Yay!

I keep coming across snapshots from last summer that are still on my computer, and I love looking at them... I can almost feel the heat. The kids have grown a lot since then! Here's a little collage of last summers' snap shots:

A few things I love about summer:
1. Playing outside in our small yard.
2. Finding a nice spot of shade.
3. Going barefoot.
4. How cute kids look drinking out of a drinking fountain (if you can get past how unsanitary it is). :)
5. Popsicles
6. All the fragrant flowers.
7. Evening family bike rides.
8. Outdoor water fountain parks.
9. Buying multiple pairs of sunglasses, because somehow they always manage to get broken during summer playtime with the kids.
10. Driving with the windows down on a warm evening.

I hope you've been able to get out and enjoy some of this wonderful sunshine too!


Bethany said...

I AM CRAVING THE SUMMER! Today we went to Wilsonville park and played for about 2hrs and then headed to the DISNEY ROCKN' ROAD SHOW at the rose Garden....But seriously...I NEED OUTSIDE. I'm going stir can only fingerpaint or puzzle it-up so many times. I'm with you!!!

Chelsi Ritter said...

i've been feeling the same way lately! we've had some really nice weather, and i was enjoying every minute. then last night it started snowing out of nowhere, and didn't stop until late this morning! ugh.
i am actually looking more forward to spring, when the blossoms start to pop. plus summer here is a little too hot for me. oh, i'll always be an oregon girl :)