Friday, February 26, 2010

Is that Carter?

When I showed up to photograph Nancy & Matt and their two beautiful children, Kate Margaret and Carter, who are just a little under 1 year apart (yes, you read that right. Nancy is amazing!), I was shocked to see how much Carter had changed! Obviously, I expected he'd look quite different because I hadn't seen him since his newborn shoot. But I was shocked to see what a little man he'd become in just one year! So adorable and happy, happy, happy. And Kate Margaret, is such a sweet big sister, and a total doll! She always has the purest expressions... and the cutest outfits! :)

Photographing a 2 year old and a 1 year old at the same time... let's just say I broke a good sweat. And acted like a complete moron from time to time. But I loved every minute of it.

So be warned, as usual, I'm about to post a gazillion photos. :)

I think Nancy is so beautiful!

I love this shot...

This was Matt's toy when he was a little boy and now Carter and Kate Margaret love to play with it.

This moment lasted for about a half of a second and I'm so glad that I caught it! Carter posed like this himself! :)

Nancy & Matt love each other very much.

This totally depicts life at this stage to me... :)

Isn't this such a sweet moment? I'll end with a couple of my favorites of Nancy with little Kate Margaret.

Nancy & Matt, it was wonderful seeing you all again and thank you for inviting me to capture this precious season of life! You're a joy to be around.


Anonymous said...

beautiful, beautiful pictures Bethany! I always love how you capture families and so enjoying looking at your latest work.


Jessica Jordan said...

Aren't they just too cute? I remember when Tyler & Kate were 4 months old, and I found out Nancy was pregnant ... again. If anyone can handle Irish twins with class and style, it is SOOO "fancy" nancy :). She still manages to prepare gourmet meals and treats, host fabulous parties, keep a perfect house, always think of others, and raise the sweetest kids in the world. She is so generous and giving ... in fact my absolute favorite maternity jeans are a hand me down from her :). I could go on and on about this sweet family! The photos are totally their style ... Nancy will LOVE them Bethany! ~ Jessica

nancyvuylsteke said...

Thank you for documenting in the most beautiful way the crazy, wonderful life that we have with our precious Irish twins, Kate Margaret and Carter! I adore your style of photographing, AND you truly captured the essence of our wee ones. I was amazed at your patience us...we are definitely a circus at times with a 1 and 2 year old! Very much looking forward to seeing all the pictures. Until next year, Nancy V.

nancyvuylsteke said...

PS: Jessica was right saying that I would love the pictures! AND she's making me blush by all the compliments...very sweet of her!