Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabulous Find

When Selah switched to a big girl bed (after her toddler bed) we bought her a new mattress and just put it on the floor, since she has a tendency to roll off the bed. We figured it was the safest option for her at the time. :) In the meantime I've been watching and waiting for just the right bed. I've looked online, peeked in a few stores, and have watched Craigslist for several months. I had a specific style of bed in mind, and planned on painting it a fun robin egg blue once I found it... or possibly a very light lavender-gray. I could picture then end product/look in my mind. :)

I was thrilled this week when I came across this beautiful antique bed on Craigslist, that's completely unfinished. Just beautiful wood, and it totally appears to be hand carved! The sweet gal I bought it from said that her mom bought it at an antique store 25 years ago... it came in a pair and her mom stained/finished the other one and never used this one. But now that I've got it home and all wiped down I'm kind of in love with it's raw, unfinished look and feel a little guilty at the thought of painting it. So I'm going to have Josh set up her bed, put on her bedding, and see how it looks. What do you think? Paint it a fun color that matches her bedding?


Amber said...

How beautiful! Good job being patient to find the perfect bed. I'm impressed. I'd vote for painting the bed... i think you'll love it even more then :) Have fun!

Kellie said...

It's wonderful Bethany! I vote do whatever makes you the happiest but I have to admit, I love the raw wood as well :) You could always live with it like that for a while and then paint it later if you decide you would like that better :)

Danya said...

Congrats to Selah on her beautiful big girl bed. I love it! I say leave it like that for awhile.
You are so creative and talented that down the road some other beautiful idea will pop into your head with what to do with it