Thursday, June 16, 2011

I love this job

I had a blast tonight photographing Amber & Tony's beautiful family. The lighting was perfect, their company so fun, and their kids were so sweet (they reminded me of Jude & Selah two years ago... oh what a precious stage!)

Here are a bunch of my favorites. :)

Miss Nia stole my heart! What a darling girl - so happy , and am I'm pretty sure she thinks she's three like her big brother. :) She's fearless and feminine, smiling wherever she goes.

Isn't Jacoby about as cute as they come?! I love his smile! He's such a fun little guy, so adventurous and independent. Three is a great age!

Amber and Tony, it was wonderful seeing you guys again! Thanks for allowing me to capture this sweet season in your lives!


the o's said...

beautiful!!! love the shots bethany!!

Amber said...

Thank you soooo much Bethany!! I love, love, love, love these! :) I'm so excited that I just might cry. It was great seeing you and I feel blessed to have these images. Thank you!

Allie said...

These are so beautiful Bethany! I love the lighting and the family is adorable! Bummed I missed out on this one!

Anke said...

So neat!!! I love the one of Amber holding Antonia over her head and the black and white one of Jacoby...and...and...SOOOOO precious!!! Well done! :-)