Friday, November 11, 2011

Playful & Fun

When Cathy contacted me about family photos I was excited because her kids are so similar in age to mine, although her baby is about 6 months younger than mine. Cathy you look great for having just had a baby!

Most family shoots I do with little kids I try and get any "sitting still" shots right up front because after about 15-30 mins, most kids just want to be active, and my novelty has worn off by then. I love the second half of a shoot, when the kids are running and climbing because I like capturing their joy and energy! Their movement gives life to the photos, and they're often some of my favorites!

Cathy & Matt, it was a treat meeting you and your precious family! I had such a wonderful time photographing you all!
Do they not have the cutest children?!

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Amber said...

These are beautiful Bethany! What a cute one of the boys wrestling. I'm not sure how this family will pick their favorites!? :)