Thursday, December 15, 2011

Darling Langley

I met Alicia & Colton two years ago when they welcomed their precious little boy Harlen into the world. (...For whatever reason my blog wouldn't allow me to make a link, so here's the link to Harlen from '09: I loved photographing him and was so excited when Alicia contacted me and told me they were going to have a little girl!

I'm so glad I got to finish out my 2011 shooting season photographing precious Langley! :)

I always forget just how itty-bitty newborns are... there's nothing like those first weeks/months of just cuddling your sweet sleeping baby for hours on end!

We also did a few Christmas photos and I just loved Langley's little hat and outfit!

Harlen is such a sweet big brother!

Congratulations Alicia & Colton! Your family is beautiful.

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~Tara~ said...

Oh my Bethany!!! Just gorgeous pictures. I love the ones of her holding her darling baby. The look of love and adoration on her face just totally hit a nerve with me and is priceless.

What a great way to end out your year!!