Sunday, July 1, 2012

Contest Winners!

Earlier on this year, my photo contest had a random winner from the comments made, and Amy's comment won her family a photo shoot! It was a fun surprise for me because I've read Amy's blog in the past (after she had left a comment on mine), and read about their wonderful family, and I loved that she had a daughter with the name Selah, too! They live up in the Seattle area, so when they were down seeing family we timed it to meet up for a shoot! Their kids are so sweet! :) 

It's taken me for-ev-er to blog these, even though I've mailed off their session already, but I'm so glad I'm sharing their beautiful family with you now!

Here are a few of my favorites...


Katie Anderson said...

The shot of the kids up in the air is so awesome! And the last one is a true piece of art...beautiful.

Amber said...

Those kids have precious faces and beautiful eyes!! You captured them very well :) Yes, I agree that the picture of them being thrown up in the air is awesome!!