Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 08

We had a great Christmas this year with family. We spent a day at my mom's, then a day at my dad's and then Josh's parent's, and spent a couple hours at my grandma's.

My mom took this photo of my brothers and I on Christmas eve (with her point & shoot camera). :) I adore my brothers and have always thought the world of them. I look forward to every get-together with them & my sweet sister-in-law.
At my mom's we played this game called Would You Rather? Have you played it? It is such a fun game! Seven of us played and we laughed so hard. So hard!!! Josh had tears running down his face he was laughing so hard!

We had many special, memorable moments this Christmas. Our family really blessed us with meaningful gifts that we'll cherish.

Jude asked to make a birthday cake for Jesus this Christmas, so Gramma made a cake and let Jude decorate it. We sang happy birthday to Jesus and Jude got to blow out the candles. It was precious. Happy Birthday Jesus!


Chris Fegles said...

We absolutely loved our time with all of you this Christmas! Jude and Selah are so precious to us and I just love those kisses and hugs, not to mention those sweet baby smells. It was the best though, to hear you kids laughing, sharing, looking over old photos and just being family. Love you all tremendously, chrismom

Matt + Gina said...

Definately a memorable Christmas! I enjoyed every minute of it! Can't get enough of hanging out with you guys! I look forward to our coast get-together whenever that is. We MUST play "Would You Rather" again... sooo much fun!
Love you guys!

The Six of Us said...

Aren't siblings wonderful!

My Josh has been begging and begging for that game (or at least hinting pretty hard). We got it but haven't played it yet.