Friday, December 19, 2008

From the Country

Josh's parents live on a beautiful piece of property along the Alsea River. When we were out there for Thanksgiving I snapped some photos around their property. Here's a little piece of their country.
I'm on vacation until Jan 2nd... minus one photoshoot over the Christmas holiday... but I'm sure I'll have some family things to post from my break. On our list of "fun vacation things to do" we're going to declutter our house again! :) Something dorky that Josh and I really enjoy doing together. Maybe I'll post some photos of our project that we have planned. Our upstairs has this weird awkward space that has no function and I finally have thought up a function I'm so excited about! It may be worth a post later!


jessicalanejordan said...

You are so lucky that Josh also likes to de-clutter. I love doing that, but Matt just bears with me. It's funny because Mauria and I were JUST talking about her de-clutter plans for the new years. Our houses have a couple weird closets/spaces too. If either of you two need help, I will be right there, label-maker in toe!!! :) Oh, and yes, they call me "Monica" ... it's ok, it makes me proud in my heart.

Chelsi Ritter said...

hooray for nature! and hooray for oregon, might i add. i sure do miss it. the other day i went outside and it was a little rainy, with a soft cool breeze. it was a perfect "oregon" day, and it made me so homesick! your pictures take me back and i really love it. thanks bethany!

Matt + Gina said...

I super love these too! You know, you really are a wonderfully well rounded photographer. You capture beauty in people AND nature!

And I too am SUPER jealous that Josh likes to de-clutter! Matt will (unwillingly) de-clutter with me. We have a junk drawer in the kitchen that really needs it.. it almost won't re-shut if you open it!

Looking forward to seeing you guys and having awesome hang out time! Lots of love!

Kent said...

You have this astounding ability to see beauty in whatever is around you and then suck it through the lens and present it on the page to where even an engineering type like me suddenly understands that we are surrounded by wonder if we teach ourselves to look for it. Thanks.