Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gotta get me some gold foil pants!

Ok, so I'm ready to join one of these random dance groups! Where do I sign up? Only, I want to dance to an 80's Michael Jackson song! :)

Speaking of Michael Jackson, this is so random, but Josh wears white socks to work a lot of days with his dress jeans and black dress shoes. His co-worker Dan often calls him Michael because of it. But now he just says, "Ow!" (in classic, high pitch MJ voice) when he spots Josh's almost daily fashion trend. Cracks me up!


Janine the Bean said...

I'm with you Bethany. It's always fun to watch the reactions of people in the crowds.

It would be SO fun to be a part of that.

Kent said...

I love this kind of fun performance art. It reminds me that good times are available, I just have to go for it!