Thursday, July 23, 2009


We eat a lot of blueberries around here! This time of year I find myself buried in rows of blueberry bushes at a nearby farm, getting cozy with all sorts of tiny, creepy crawly creatures living amongst the berries. :) You could pretty much call blueberry picking a part time job for me one week out of the year, ha, ha. But it's also kind of therapeutic. I love it.

This year I picked 90 lbs. of blueberries, washed them and packed them into the freezer. The kids and I did it over the course of four mornings, and always with the wonderful company of friends. Some days were too hot and we didn't last very long, but the kids did great with me out there. They ran, picked, and hung out in the stroller eating their snacks. Do I have a single photo to show for it? No. :( Why you ask? Because I'm a die hard when it comes to picking blueberries. I get so single focused and I'm on such a mission to collect as many berries as possible before the kids are ready to leave that I get stuck in my zone. Do you guys remember that cheesy grocery store shopping game show back in the day called Supermarket Sweep where they would rush around loading their cart with groceries as fast as possible before the timer ran out? Well, that's about how I feel when I'm picking berries! Ha, ha. :)
Yeah, my back hurts, mainly from leaning over the kitchen sink washing for hours, but it's worth it! I love the whole process and Josh and kids love them! And they're one of my favorite snacks when they're frozen. Especially when they're in a little bowl mixed with chocolate chips. Oh Yum!


Cartmill Clan said...

you are the berry picking queen- you always amaze me with the poundage you take home! you literally pick your weight in berries :) so much fun.

John and Natalee Warren said...

90 lbs!!! WOW, I can't believe it!

Meg said...

Mmmmm, love em frozen!

Chelsi Ritter said...

i'm a big blueberry fan, too. i looove them in my oatmeal most of all. but i think i'm gonna have to try them mixed with chocolate chips!

Janine the Bean said...

We love bluberries too. My master garden plan includes lots of bushes. :)

90 lbs. trumps my best efforts thus far.

You're going to turn into the blueberry girl like on Willie Wonka.