Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprise Vow Renewal

Josh and I are blessed with some amazing friends. We met Noel & Karissa a few years ago and connected instantly with them. You'd love them too! :)

Noel & Karissa just celebrated their 5 year anniversary. Noel schemed up a little plan to surprise his bride with a vow renewal overlooking Lake Oswego. Karissa was so surprised! This first shot is of them "going for a little stroll after dinner" and then Noel let her in on his secret. Josh read them their vows and I snapped a couple photos on the spot. :) Karissa cried and it was a really sweet moment to get to be a bit of a fly on the wall.
We love you guys! Happy 5 year anniversary!

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Jessica Jordan said...

Ok that is just about the sweetest thing ever! It's one thing for engaged couples to do something so romantic, but I love it when people who have been married for a while still get creative with the romance. It's definitely one of the secrets to a good marriage. So nice!