Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Greg & Shana's Beach Wedding

I'm pretty sure it's wrong to post this many pictures from a wedding, :) but Greg & Shana's wedding was an amazing day! It was glorious blue skies at Cannon Beach, the sun was shining and all of their family and friends were gathered at this beautiful beach house that overlooked the ocean. Many of the guests flew in from Texas and they were all so friendly and social. I loved it.

(Before you think I tweaked the skies in most of these photos, I didn't. I have to tell you that from some angles the sky really was freakishly blue straight out of the camera! Like the one above. So beautiful!)

I wish I could describe the excitement that was in the air when Josh and I arrived. Shana's family and bridesmaids were busy getting ready inside the house. But not too busy to stop and welcome Josh and me in and make us feel like family! I practically started referring to Uncle Bob as if he were my Uncle Bob. :)

Shana's mom, best friend Natalee, and sister-in-law helped her into her dress. Her dad was in awe when he first saw her. He walked her down the stairs, where family did a little ooooing and awing themselves, and then he walked her around the side of the house to where Greg was waiting to see Shana for the first time before the ceremony.

Greg & Shana have a really amazing connection. Giant smiles pretty much sum up the two of them most of the time. :)

Isn't Shana a gorgeous bride?

Greg is usually smiling, but I loved this one serious shot of him.

... I also loved Shana's color combo for the bridesmaids!

Then we went inside and took some family portraits before guests arrived.

And shortly after, the ceremony began.

I wish I could remember where I saw a shot similar to this next picture a while back because I'd love to give them credit, but I thought it was such a cute idea I wanted to try it out myself.

Over the course of Greg & Shana's engagement and dating, they went on a weekly date to St. Cupcake in downtown Portland for a delicious cupcake and a cup of coffee. So I loved that their wedding cake was a cake tower of St. Cupcake! I tried the coconut creme one and let me tell you, it was amazing!

After they hugged their friends and family goodbye, we went down to the beach to take some photos by haystack rock.

Then we headed back to the house to get just a couple more shots as the sun went down.

Thank you Greg & Shana for inviting me to capture your wedding day! It was beautiful!


Erica said...

STUNNING! Can I just say how COOL I think it is that you and Josh get to work together?!?!?! AWESOME!

blog da vicky said...

The place, the pictures...amazing...lovely

Pete and Rosie said...

Ok, I need you to put me in touch with these two so they can plan my trips to the beach from now on! How on Earth did they score that amazing weather?!

John and Natalee Warren said...

Bethany, you are phenomenal! I love them and am so glad you were there!

The Springer's said...

Gorgeous photos. Everytime I see a wedding post from you, I wish we knew you back when we got married so you could've captured our big day as beautifully as I know you would have!

Mindy Jean said...

What a fantastic day for Shana & Greg's wedding. Bethany, you and your husband have such a gift with photography! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures from an incrediable weekend. You truly captured their special day with the Lord's beautiful artwork in the background.
~Mindy Schmidt

Matt + Gina said...

You knocked it outta the park B! You always do, but I love how every shot is so unique!!! You rock! Love you guys. Give lots of hugs to the little guy for me.

Chelsi Ritter said...

wow! what a unique, fun wedding. i love the groom's tie, and the bridesmaids' beads. and what a gorgeous day at the beach! can't beat a sunny day at the oregon coast.

ian and maalaea photography said...

These are so great Bethany!

Janvi said...
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