Monday, November 9, 2009

Sarah: Class of 2010

I'm behind in my blogging! I've been busy. I have a few more sessions to share with you, a few I'm editing, and just did another photo shoot today after getting home from spending the weekend at the beach with family. The season is shifting from high school senior sessions to family photo shoots for Christmas cards. It's a fun time of year. I sure enjoy all seasons of photography... babies in the spring, weddings in the summer, hs seniors in the fall, and families sprinkled all throughout the year with a bunch right before Christmas. :)

I want to do a swap with a photographer friend to get some photos of our family this year. In the past I've mostly put my camera on a tripod and it's not easy to get a kid to look at a camera when there's no one there dancing behind it. :) My entry way photos don't have Selah in them, so they desperately need updating!! Poor second child. lol.

I recently photographed Sarah and loved spending a little bit of time with her. I know her and her older sister, who I photographed her senior year too. Beautiful girls. Beautiful features. Very sweet spirits. Sarah is a hard worker and has already mapped out where she's going to college and what she'll be studying. Go Sarah!

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Allie said...

Those are so pretty! I really like the third one!