Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 8: Photo 366

Life changes quickly! I've been lost in the world of Blurb Books right now (thanks to my friend Amber!), making books from all of my personal/family blog posts dating back to 2006-ish, and I've been coming across old photos of the kids on external hard drives. Boy do these sweet photos bring up a lot of good emotions/memories! I just came across this little snap shot of Selah playing in our blueberry pot from 2009 and it melted my heart. She's changed SO much. I'll post a shot tomorrow of my first Blurb book that came in the mail.

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Amber said...

Yea, so glad that you're enjoying Blurb!! Can't wait to see your 1st book. At the rate you seem to be going, you're going to catch up before me :) Someday I'll get there too (I hope ;)!