Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mr. Isaac, You're So Sweet

I got to photograph 10 day old Isaac today. He is so tiny and adorable and kissable. He's the son of our good friends Dustin and Sheri, who have tons of personality, so naturally, their little guy is already full of that! :) There will be more photos of him to come this weekend.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I love this guy!

I think my husband Josh is so cute! Everything about him. He's my best friend and I still see him with hearts in my eyes.
This past weekend we had a lot of fun just being homebodies. We took turns sleeping in, Josh worked on the garage a bit (organizing it - our goal is to park in it. crazy, huh?) :) We went on a date to the movies and coffee afterwards and even played Scrabble like an old couple one night after Jude went to bed. :)
The little mister Judester is a bit fascinated by the guitar right now and asks about it several times a day, so Josh pulled it out for him a couple times and let him play with him.
Anyway, I'm starting back up doing photo shoots this week and I'm so excited for a newborn shoot I get to do tomorrow! Baby cuteness coming your way soon! :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snapshots from our day

Jude is really sweet and aggressive with our cat, Noah. He adores Noah, so he likes to hug him, but he also likes to tackle the poor cat, and keep him pinned down from time to time. Noah is a really good sport about it and takes a lot of loving "toddler abuse". I secretly wonder if Noah likes the attention - he'll take it however he can get it! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

26 weeks

My mom came up last night and helped me sort through all the wonderful baby girl clothes that friends have passed along to me. It's been fun seeing such sweet, dainty things. (Thank you friends!) We sorted by size and got the clothes organized and put in drawers! Since moving Jude into his "big boy room" the nursery has been a bit of an eye sore, so it felt great to actually make some progress in that room. I'm almost 27 weeks now and this pregnancy has continued to go well. Baby and I are healthy and I am tremendously thankful for God's hand upon us. Thank you for your prayers! :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sippy Cups & Coffee, Books & Blocks

This morning Jude and I went over to my good friend Mauria's house, and Jude and Rowen played together while we mom's had coffee. :) Jude loves his buddy Rowen, and says his name several times a day, so he was pretty excited when I told him we were going over to Rowen's house. It's pretty sweet.

One thing the boys always do when we're over there is unload a bag of these adorable wooden blocks that I think look so "storybook"... so I had to take a picture of the blocks. :) And here are some pictures I snapped as they played by the window light.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Beauty of Simplicity

Jude loves to pick up leaves when we are going to, or from, the house to the car and this was one he brought in the other day. I thought it was really pretty.

. excited over simple things .

This has been one fun week of getting mail! The very large mantle print arrived of the family portrait (2 blog posts down) and it turned out beautiful! Some great h.s. senior shots and a leather portfolio arrived for a client. And today I got some new photoshop things to play with.
This shot of Jude I posted here is kind of my first attempt at messing around with any of my new photoshop stuff, and it was a very brief attempt... so, I'm pretty sure that I'll look at this next week after learning some things - like how to actually use textures and such - and go, "man, why did I post that? It's so dorky and overdone!" ...and at that point, this blog post may disappear! :)
Oh, one other neat that happened today was that I found a very cool, vintage item that I'm going to use in a newborn photoshoot next month and I'm so excited about it (*squeal*)! You'll have to wait and see...
On a sad note, poor Josh broke one of my camera lenses today - and it just happened to be the one I use the most! I felt bad for him because all he was doing was helping me clean up the living room and it accidentally was put down too hard on just the right angle and it went ka-put.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jude's Expressions...

...crack me up at times. He has very expressive eyes or maybe it's his eyebrows, but ever since he was a tiny baby he's had "lots of faces". My favorite shot of these is #4 because he totally reminds me of one of my baby pictures at this age. In #3 he's drinking from his sippy cup and in this first shot, he's wearing my hat.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Beautiful Family

Today I ordered a large print of this photo for a client/friend who is going to have it framed to hang over their mantle, and I realized I'd never blogged their photo shoot (done last November). So I thought I'd share their beautiful faces with you. :) I'll try to post more from their shoot tomorrow.

The wonderful thing about this family (3 siblings with spouses and children in photo) is that we met them/their parents 3 years ago at our church and their parents happen to live on the street behind us! They are so much fun to be around and always make us feel right at home! We sure are grateful to be near to them.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Craft Time!

(click on picture to see larger version)

So, in the midst of all my resting these past few weeks, I've been peeking at a lot of cute blogs; mostly of photographers and "crafters". I feel like I got a good look at a whole little sub-culture out there as I clicked from one person's craft blog to another! There are SO many creative and fun people out there!

I got all inspired to "get crafty" and I put together some baby things for friends who have little ones on the way and for our own sweet baby girl coming in April. I attached a gazillion pictures for you to see. :) My friend Jana taught me how to sew spit-up cloths last year, so I made a bunch of those, and I also ironed some little fabric tags on white onesies that I thought had cute sayings.

P.s. Did anyone see that beautiful Oregon sunshine we had yesterday before that storm? Oh! It was sooooo wonderful to get a little vitamin from the sun! Sure got me excited for spring!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Ah, it felt soooo good to take some pictures today! :) I have so much pent up creativity since I haven't been doing photo sessions for the past 4 weeks that I loved getting to snap some pictures of Jude this morning.

Josh was so sweet and let me sleep in again today (he's such an amazing husband!) and he and Jude went on a walk with our neighbor Pete and his daughter, Daphne. When they got home Jude's cheeks were all rosy from the cold air and I thought it was so cute how Josh had dressed him! So I took him back outside in our front yard to get a couple pictures. Jude was just running around saying, "Noah!" (our cat's name) over and over. :) I love this age! Jude is 21 months old.

BTW, we made it through the December month safe and sound and this pregnancy is still going really well. Thank you Lord! Our little girl is quite active and we are so excited to meet her, end of April! I'm going to continue resting for the month of January, but I am super excited to do some photo shoots in February and March, so email me or call in the next weeks if you'd like to book a session.