Monday, February 2, 2009

How old are you Mom? :)

Yesterday we were at my mom's for her birthday party and I watched parts of the super bowl while I was there too. I guess I'm a girl when it comes to watching a full football game. I love the beginning and the end, but the middle might loose my attention for a little while. :) But it was a great game!

Of course I had my camera and always love the opportunity to snap photos. And for the first time it occurred to me that I rarely ever photograph my parents. I have no idea why. I want to improve on that (if they'll let me!) :)

So yesterday, especially because we were celebrating my mom's birthday, I snapped some photos of her. :) This is the only one I've edited so far, but isn't she beautiful? I thought this captured her well.
How would I describe my mom in a nutshell?...
- She has the gift of hospitality
- She loves her grand kids and her horses
- She's energetic and often smiling
- She's a night owl
- She loves a good popcorn ball (or 3 or 4... don't worry Mom, your secret is safe with me) :)
- She loves Jesus
Happy Birthday Mom! And thanks for all you do! We love you.


Kent said...

Hey, I've known your Mom for 25 years. Why is it that I got older and she didn't? NO FAIR.

Cartmill Clan said...

She is beautiful inside and out and this photo captures her perfectly!

Matt + Gina said...

I agree! Lovely inside and out! Love you Mama Jill! Great picture B!