Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Livy

I had such a great time with Tracy, Dag & beautiful little Livy. Tracy had the idea to do their photo shoot at Nike's campus, where she works and I just loved the setting! It's gorgeous there. And I must say, what a gorgeous family this was to photograph too. :)

Livy is such a happy, happy girl!

I think this was my favorite expression of hers... isn't this the cutest thing?!

Dag & Tracy clearly love one another very much.

Tracy, you're beautiful!

I'll end with on of my favorites... love that expression Livy! :)


Chelsi Ritter said...

bethany you find the most enchanting places to take pictures. these are beautiful!

Tera Boggs said...

This was an old friend of mine (Dag) and you captured such beautiful pictures of him and his beutiful family. I see their love and happiness and you are extremely talented! Gorgeous photos!

Chelsi Ritter said...

i'm due november 8th (although it'll probably come around 10 days later, if it follows aspen's example!). i think it'll be a perfect thanksgiving/christmas gift for us :)

Anonymous said...

God thank you for such a wonderful blessing, Livy is so special and beautiful. And her parents are very special too!