Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just for fun

It feels great to be back on my blog posting again! I love to capture LIFE and the beauty in it.

A few people commented on my blogging absence the past couple weeks. Whenever I disappear from my blog I end up getting and email or phone call from one of my parents saying, "Are you doing ok? You haven't blogged in awhile." :) I guess it is one of my indicators of life getting busy or extra distracting. We have been super busy around here! I can fill in those details on another post.

Today I thought I'd post something just for fun. I often see designers make "mood boards." Is that what they are called? Now that I'm typing this I hope that is right! :) lol. And I've always wondered, if I were to make one, what would I put on it? So last night I took 30 min and made a very simple one without much detail. But if I were to decorate my living room today, this is what I'd pick up. :)

You should try it sometime, it's really fun! I clearly need to add in a little more color and some accessories, but for a first try, I'm inspired to really start slowly giving my living room a face lift. I already have a mirror like the one below, but it's gold and tucked away in my closet. So I think I'll paint it dark gray. Anyway, I would never ever call myself a decorator, but I do love looking at design blogs! So I'll pretend that counts for something. :)


Sarah said...

it's gorgeous bethany! i love it! my favorite is the shaggy pillow and the yellow rug!

Chelsi Ritter said...

when eric and i were in boston i kept a notebook with photos pasted inside of furniture/decorating ideas i'd found in magazines. it was a lot of fun, and really did help to inspire me when it came to decorating our house. it was also nice because i didn't lose ideas that inspired me.
i love that bird pillow!

justaddshoes said...

Ooh pretty! Is that yellow pattern wallpaper? I would love that in a pillow on my couch!

Jessica Jordan said...

i totally have a "mood binder" (like Chelsi siad) full of clip outs of house decor. I still can't resist clipping something out when I see it and love it ... even if I will never get it, it's just fun to remind myself of things I thought were beautiful that day.

Annie-Staten said...

Love love love it! I think it looks fantastic!