Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, Monday... sha, la, la, la

It's been a great Monday. I love when the week starts on a good foot! Yesterday was kind of a weird day (you know, one of those random "bad days" where everything seems to go wrong!), so I've been extra thankful for today. :)

Monday tends to be my "introvert day". :) I recharge after a social weekend by getting things done at home on Mondays. It tends to be an extra productive day, since it's the beginning of my week, and I love being able to just enjoy it in a ponytail and sweats, hidden away in my cozy house! Do you have those days?

When we got up this morning I could see that the sun was going to come out, which always puts an extra skip in my step! The kids and I headed downstairs to make our favorite banana almond pancakes for breakfast. Then I was greeted by these lovely things on my table, which made the world seem even sweeter. :)

I vacuumed, threw in a load of laundry, and then the kids put on their shoes to go play in the backyard. What is it about fresh air in your house that is so fabulous? It just is! I love having the door open when the kids are out playing.

I got to work on making veggie stock, which is something I've been looking forward to. I've gotten a lot of enjoyment out of cooking lately and trying so many new things! I've made stock before, forever ago, but not for the purpose of it being a repeated activity. So I'm glad I've learned a little "system" for it now, if you can call it that.

So here's what I pulled from my freezer this morning for my vegetable stock:

A jar full of veggie pieces. My friend Jana told me that she keeps a jar in her freezer for veggie scraps/pieces that she adds to each time she cooks. Then later she can use it to make vegetable stock. I loved the idea and started a jar two weeks ago. So today I made veggie stock. I added a little onion, garlic, celery and carrots for more substance (since I didn't seem to have those things in my jar). I had quite the variety in my jar from the past two weeks, which gave the stock a great flavor! Here's what I ended up with. Six jars of stock...

(I promise I can count, there are three more jars hiding behind these jars.) :)
I'm looking forward to using one for brown rice tonight.

Saturday morning Josh and I made our first batch of almond flour from scratch. It was actually kind of therapeutic! And working in the kitchen is always more fun when you have your best friend there to do it with you.

Here's to happy Mondays! :) I hope you've have a great one!


Christy. said...

I LOVE Mondays!! It's a day to catch up on house chores after busy weekends and make my lists for the week!!

I'm glad yours was a good one!!

Janine the Bean said...

I love Mondays too. We kick back and take it easy. They used to be "pajama Mondays" until soccer started again. We always chill on Mondays though.

Love your veggie broth. You can also save any liquid left over from steaming veggies, if you don't do that already. And I absolutely LOVE roasted veggies as a base for broth. SO SO SO Good.

Pete and Rosie said...

Heh, my Mondays are opposite. It takes me a day to warm up to the idea of being productive and facing the week. Tuesday is probably my productive day. Maybe things will change once Pete's not doing homework on the weekends. Eh, probably not! :)