Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautiful Little Everly

I was so excited the day I got to go to the hospital to meet little Everly. Because her mommy is my dear, dear friend, I just felt all the more in love with little Everly when she was born.

She's as sweet as can be, very content and her favorite place to be is curled up on her mommy's chest.

Mauria is a natural mother, taking things with ease, and I'm learning all I can in these next 6 months as I watch her with three kids. :)

I'm so honored to share my birthday with this little beauty.


Lisa said...

Bethany!! sooo cute!! I am feeling so connected with you. I used to work at Davidsons restaurant with Mauria and I used to watch kids incorporated in elementary school with Jayme ;-) LOVE your pictures!

Jessica Jordan said...

Such beautiful pics of our little E! I have been so excited for you to post these. Now we just need Gavin to make the scene to meet this sweet gal pal in person :) So true that Mauria is the natural mother ... if anyone can make 3 kids look easy, it's her!

Kathi said...

What adorable photos. I'm not sure, but I think you might be the photographer for Candice Kramer? I love your work. Kathi

blog da vicky said...

Beautiful baby...
I loved