Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just life...

Oh, my list of to-do's just keeps on growing these days... I got my second trimester "burst of energy" this past week, but hit the ground running a little too fast trying to catch up on soooooo much work, and just wiped myself out!

I have so many things I want to blog or get done, or try... but I just know my limitations these days, so I'll wait.

I keep meaning to post about our 4th of July... We celebrated at my mom's place and it was also my slash 30th Birthday Dinner with family. It was a really special evening. I'm looking forward to someday sharing those photos with you! :) If I can ever get to them. They are pretty far down my to-do list right now. But at that dinner I received a couple of really, really special gifts. One was a book/journal that Josh presented to me from so many family/friends in my life! Everyone submitted photos from the past and a letter/memory and Josh put it all together in this beautiful (fat) book. I was so overwhelmed by the treasured gift! Thank you to all of you who shared such sweet & fun words!! I laughed and cried as I read through the book! :) I love you all! I so badly want to email each and every one of you to say THANK YOU!

I also was given a new Vitamix blender from all my family! I know, so many of you are thinking, "Huh?" Google it. It's amazing! Take my word for it. :) I'm LOVING it! :)

Here's a photo from that special evening:

Ok, I've got to go to bed! I'm so exhausted! :)

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Jen said...

Hey Bethany! You won't regret that gift one bit! We LOVE ours and am SO thankful it was given as a gift as well! Not sure what fruits Jude can have, but we load our smoothies with raw spinach and its undetectable when blended- especially with the ol' vitamix! Here's the recipe I use almost daily... http://calminmychaos.blogspot.com/2010/06/our-summer-staple-smoothie.html
Hope you love the blender as much as we do!