Friday, July 30, 2010


Hi Everyone,

I'm in the thick of the busy summer shooting schedule! I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for their patience in my SLOW return of emails and phone calls this summer! :) It's after 1am and I just got a bunch of emails returned, phew!!

My calendar is booked through October now (that doesn't apply to all of you I just returned emails to about bookings) and I'm not going to be booking anything for Nov/Dec this year since I'll be in the last trimester of this pregnancy and needing to just rest and soak up the holiday down time with family. This little baby is due Jan 3rd and what a special Christmas gift baby will be! We actually know the gender of the baby already! We found out a week and a half ago, at our 16 week appt. The ultrasound tech said she was 95% sure of the gender (and while watching the screen we were 95% sure of gender too) :) but we figured we'd wait to make any big announcements until our 20 week ultrasound just to be prudent. So, I'll be sure to spill the beans in two weeks. We're really excited and already talking about names, which is fun. Any guesses on gender? :)

Ok, lots of blog photos coming soon!

And here's just one little cutie's face in the meantime from a recent session:


Erica said...

Based on what you've said here and how early I found out with my SON, I'd guess you are having a BOY! :) Excited for you either way, can't wait to hear. :)

Kate said...

I'm guessing boy too -- can't wait to hear!

Christy. said...

I guess boy!! :) So excited for our session on Monday, I can't wait for you to meet another Ethiopian cutie!!

the o's said...

i guess boy too! here's a little secret: we asked our u/s tech to 'guess' at our 12 week ultrasound a couple weeks ago and we think she is right. but waiting till 20 weeks too... especially since her guess was only at 12 wks! sooooo excited to hear your gender news!

Amber said...

I guess girl! I found out with both kids around 14 weeks and both genders are relatively apparent by then. So I'll go against the grain and guess girl :))