Monday, October 31, 2011


This is one of my favorite pictures from my childhood. It's a picture of my older brother Matt and me, I'm pretty sure it's from 1983. I would've been 3 1/2 & Matt would've been almost 5. Isn't he the cutest boy?! I have a lot of memories from this early part of my life, actually. And Halloween always makes me think of a couple of good ones!
1. Around this time one year, when we were living in this little neighborhood, there was a big rain storm. It was surprisingly still warm outside, and all of us neighbor kids ran out into the rain and played in the street. It was so much fun to get totally soaked and not be freezing cold. I remember coming into the house after playing and there was a warm fire burning in the fireplace, and my mom was curled up on the couch by the large front window. I'm sure she'd been watching us play right there in front of the house. It was that wonderful, cozy fall feeling, and the joy of being a kid all wrapped in one! (It's crazy to think I'm the age my mom was now!)

2. The other memory I always think of around Halloween is going to my Grandma Gayle & Granddad's house after mid-week evening church. Their walkway up to their house was always speckled with slugs (just like my front step is on fall evenings today!) and when we'd approach their warmly lit home, I'd often see them in their living room with the lamp on, reading. That time of year for Halloween Grandma Gayle would always give us dried bananas, and dried pears & apples from her orchard. She always had a bowl of these on her dining table too.

I feel so blessed to have had such a special childhood, rich in family and friends, and I hope my kids have the same!

Thank you Dad & Janet for emailing this photo to me! :)


Allie Rae said...

Aw you guys are precious! I was thinking of doing a post with an old halloween picture too! Mine is not near as cute though:)

Kent said...

Barbara and I first met you and your parents in December 1983. Julia was 6 months old. Thanks for the memories.