Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scott & Libby: Bainbridge Island Engagement Shoot

Scott & Libby are as fun, joyful and personable in real life as they are in these photos! I just loved spending the afternoon on Bainbridge Island with them! What a beautiful place! Scott grew up there and he chauffeured us around from the Bloedel Reserve to the beach and docks along the water for their engagement shoot. I enjoyed hearing about their lives, how they grew up, and their thoughts on their future. You can clearly see how in love they are!

Congratulations Scott & Libby!

Here are a bunch of my favorites. :) Libby, your beautiful eyes shine!
I had a couple minutes when I was hanging out alone in the beautiful home on the Bloedel Reserve during an outfit change, and I kept busy...
Thank you again Scott & Libby for such a memorable, fun time! I'm so excited to shoot your wedding next summer!


Scott Rasmussen said...

Those are awesome Bethany! You definitely have a gift, thank you for coming all the way up to Bainbridge to shoot for us!

-Scott & Libby

Kati said...

Beautiful Bethany!! You are awesome!
Is that a Kelly Moore bag by chance? :)!!!

Allie Rae said...

I love these, Bethany! They turned out beautifully!

Katie Anderson said...

unbelievable set. Every single photo is perfect. Natural and simple posing that is well executed with perfect exposure. You really do have a gift like Scott said. Awesome set!!