Friday, October 28, 2011

My Little Cowboy, Princess Fairy, & Pea Pod

Josh's office is having their annual Halloween Party today, so the kids were excited to put on their costumes to go! My Grandma gave the kids all sorts of adorable dress up clothes last year for Christmas, so I told them they could pick a favorite to wear for Halloween this year. Jude wanted to be a cowboy, and Selah a princess fairy. She technically is wearing lady buy wings from last year, but when I told her that she informed me they were princess fairy wings. So yes they are! :) She's such a sweet thing. I love how her little mind works! And Jude reminds me of my brother Matt at this age... I believe he was a cowboy for Halloween about this same age... hmmm, I'll try to find that photo of Matt and me from this same age and post it on Monday.

I bought this Pea in the Pod costume for Jude when he was a tiny baby but never used it... so five years later I'm so excited to finally get to use it! Benjamin, you are so cute I could eat you, my plump little pea. :)
Happy Friday!


Amber said...

So adorable Bethany!! Hope you guys have a great halloween :)

Janine the Bean said...

They're too precious. :)