Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Helping those in need

Hi Friends!

I just want to share something with you today that's heavy on my heart. Soon, I will have the privilege of photographing this beautiful family who have adopted two gorgeous children from Ethiopia. They have started an organization called Perpetual Change that advocates for needs in Africa. They are now supporting an orphanage in Hosanna, Ethiopia. This little orphanage is small (4 bedrooms), and 23 children sleep on the floor in this uninsulated building right now, and it is winter there.
Here's a link for more info or to donate:

Jeff & Bethany are asking that you give anything. Even just $5 to help these children goes a long way in Ethiopia. I just picture how heart broken I'd be to see my own child cold, in the winter time, without adequate clothing or bedding. And since these children have no mom and dad to love on them, we can help care for them. Don't you wish you could be there to wrap an arm around them too? Maybe donate enough to wrap a blanket around them instead. It would bless their little hearts.

Much love,

To see pictures of this little orphanage and the beautiful children watch this video below:


Erica said...

TEARS!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting this my sweet friend. I can't WAIT to see the pics of the BEAUTIFUL Gurske family! I'm a little jealous and probably will have you do our pictures next time we're in Oregon. SO SO excited to see what God has planned for all these sweet babes in Ethiopia.

Family Medeiros said...

Do you know Josh and Renea Ransom? Josh went to Santiam, same class as Matt and me. They are getting two boys from there (Ethiopia) any day now...

Chris said...

This tugged at my heartstrings. Loved reading their blogs too! What a wonderful family - thanks for sharing their mission and their story with us!

Bethany said... I came back to the photo blog and BAM! I found it. :-) I thought I was missing out on another blog you had or something. haha. Thank you so much for posting this. It has just been amazing to see God move people towards helping!

Thank you friend...can't wait to see ya soon!