Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's fun to play

Josh brought home a new concept from work called PPA, pleasure planned activity, and the idea is to plan one thing a week that's fun and one bigger thing a month that's fun, so you have an activity to look forward to. It's been so great having little things to get excited about. Last Tuesday we decided that Friday afternoon/evening we'd either drive to the beach for just a couple hours to play or we'd go to a fair. The weather looked iffy, so we chose the fair and had a wonderful time! I haven't been to a fair in years. The kids loved the animals, we shared a treat or two, we danced to music, we looked at the agricultural exhibit, went in a tepee... it was great. The one ride Jude tried he cried on and they stopped it to let him off. I felt so bad for him. Selah on the other hand begged to go on every ride. She wasn't tall enough to ride, though. :)

Here are some snap shots.
Jude enjoying the roosters and chickens...

Selah loving the cows. (Cow is one of my favorite words she says... speaking of, this girl has one crazy vocabulary already! It blows me away. She's piecing two words together now, like, "Up Mama" to get into her highchair and "nite-nite daddy", and she says a few 3 syllable words. That's probably normal for a girl, though, huh?)

Can I go, please?

My favorite picture from the night. Sharing a bag of cotton candy.

...which Selah did not like having stuck to her fingers, but Jude loved every bite he was given.

So much excitement. I felt as happy as Jude (in these pics below) just watching our children last night. :) What joy they bring!


Kent said...

What a great idea. Your photos do a wonderful job of exposing the simple joys of being with spouse and kids and seeing new stuff.

We used to do a thing called family night each week for a number of years. It doesn't really matter what it is we did, it just matters that we did it together and enjoyed it.

blog da vicky said...

being a child is the best thing in the world. and the photos are amazing

Goldielocks said...

your photography is GORG!!! loves it.. what camera do you use? i'm a camera phene.. i take pics all the time but am not lurvin the one i have for what i want.. love your blog.. totally saving it ;)

Melanie Whitaker Photographer said...

These are so fun, I need to post some of our fair experience too! I love how kids just love it all, it's just magical.

The Six of Us said...

What a great idea! ANd what fun you had! I love seeing the pictures of your family.