Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hope & Troy

I just loved this wedding. Sweet friends, and set at the Garden in the Woods. Hope, you're a gorgeous bride.
Before Hope & Troy's wedding I felt great because I had all photo editing work caught up and was excited to get their photos back to them in record time! My goal was to have them done well before they were even home from their honeymoon. Then life dealt me some shady cards...

Since photographing Hope & Troy's wedding I've had...
1) my computer cash
2) hard drive wiped and computer repaired
3) a sick toddler who got the flu
4) a husband and daughter who then got the flu
5) 4 photo shoots and another wedding

But I'm making ground now and so, so thankful I didn't get the flu! Thank you Jesus! And many thanks to all of you who were covering me in prayer!

Here's the rest of Hope & Troy's beautiful day. I'm so glad I got to be a part of it!

Hope, you're adorable!

All tuckered out...
And a crowd surfing groom. :)


Kenny and Kimberly Stone said...

So sorry to hear about the "flu" running through your house. I hope all is well and you are rested for your busy weekend. I am praying for you, sister! Love you!

Bethany said...

These are great! Sooo beautiful! Good job on everything, glad your life is getting back to the routine of things, sounds like a lot of stuff tried to get in your way!

the o's said...

so glad you didn't get sick... especially since you were probably the care-taker of the family for the week :) i love these pics... my fave is the last one though: AMAZING!

Cartmill Clan said...

I LOVE the last one too...amazing.

Chelsi Ritter said...

i'm glad things are getting under control for you bethany; it sounds like you had a lot coming at you! i love the shot of the little flower girls. it looks like the day was a beautiful one!

Heather Bakker said... did such a beautiful job!!! You are so creative!! I just LOVE you!! :)