Monday, August 10, 2009

Brooke's High School Senior Shoot

When I was a young teenager this sweet family moved into this beautiful house down the road from our property. I was so excited when I got asked to babysit their kids! I loved babysitting and instantly adored these kids. I remember watching Pocahontas a few times :), playing in their yard, wrestling with the boys (they could take me down even when they were little!), helping the kids brush their teeth before putting them to bed... and now those kids are all grown up!

Brooke is now a beautiful senior in high school! I loved getting to see her again and see her mom. They're as sweet as ever. Here are a "few" of my favorites... p.s. I loved her colorful outfits!


Missy said...

What a sweet looking girl, you are right, the colors really POP!

Deyla said...

CUte girl! great shots Bethany!