Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adorable Family

Dana and her family were vacationing in Oregon and booked a shoot while they were here. I'm so glad they did, because I loved meeting them and photographing them! What absolutely wonderful daughters they have! Oh my goodness, such adorable faces and little personalities to match!! Here are some of my favorites.

The girls were squealing over the fact that mom and dad were going to kiss... it was the cutest thing ever.

Joyful girls. Here they are playing around and dancing. Thank you Dana for contacting me! I had a wonderful time. :)


Chelsi Ritter said...

the colors this family chose look so great together, and really pop in these photos! what adorable little girls. by the way, hayley's wedding photos are amazing! what a gorgeous wedding. it must have been so much fun to photograph. and for josh to marry them...what a joyous time for all of you!

Smith Family said...

Bethany - thank you so much! The pictures are great. You made the girls feel so comfortable and you even got Caroline to pose and smile which she doesn't do very often especially when I want her to.