Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Magic of Autumn

There's this little street near our house that I love. I've done photo shoots there before and always love shooting there in the fall. It isn't anything fancy, just the side of a road, but I feel like there's so much there.

The kids and I were running errands today and I passed that street twice. Hmmm.... If you know me, you know I just can't resist some times. I often say, "I see life as potential photographs". :) I am inspired by so many things! The beauty in the smallest leaf just amazes me! I have a tiny sliver of creativity, if even that, compared to God's creativity. He is so vast. He is so incredible. I love Him. And I love that He inspires me to capture the beauty in the things He's made.

So, as I passed that street for the second time I decided to run home and grab my camera and go straight back to photograph a couple of the cutest people I love most in this world on the side of a street that, to me, holds a little of the magic of Autumn.

My little miss personality!

I love this boy!

And I love that they are friends.

The little field across the street looks like nothing when you drive by, but it photographs so beautifully! And isn't this lone tree so pretty?

This photo totally captures my children to me... I'm so in love with them.
Oh, and this last one I have to post just because I thought Selah's expression was so funny.

Have a wonderful Thursday! :)


Shannon said...

So beautiful! My favorite pictures that you took of my family are Soph's 6 month shots done in the fall. The colors are so amazing!

laura said...

I think you captured fall, and your children beautifully! You inspire me in so many ways Bethany!!! :)

Erica said...

Your kids are just precious. I just want to squeeze them! They look so happy!! Love this little street and so missing the changing colors or the NW!

e miller photography-Salem Oregon Photography said...

love these! that squirel perfection! your children are adorable!

Amber said...

I always love seeing pictures of your little ones! You captured so many greats pictures here but I especially adore the one of Selah standing by herself and smiling. So cute!! Plus, do you dress your kids this cute every day!? Happy fall! :)

the o's said...

ADORABLE. selah's expression in the last pic is so sweet!

Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

these pictures are SO gorgeous!

Heather Bakker said...

OMG!!!! They are sooooooo BIG!!! Selah cannot be old enough to be walking and picking up is just not right that I have not seen her since she was a little baby!!! What kind of cuzauntie am I???