Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Family

I loved meeting Erin and her family. One of the first things I noticed was their matching shoes! :) At first I thought, "how did they manage to do that?" and then I found out that Brian works for Nike and it all made sense. Such a cute touch to their outfits!

Check out these brown eyes. Luke & Tate are really handsome boys!

I loved the ways this family interacted with one another.

Those eyes and baby boy curls... those are the cutest! (I hated to see them go on Jude when the day finally came. I held on to them as long as I could! I love them.) :)

Does this say life stage or what? :)

Thank you Erin for asking me to capture your family. I loved every minute of it! :)

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the o's said...

well of course i'm biased b/c erin is a good friend of mine, but these are ADORABLE. such a cute family and you captured them perfectly!